we'll ride in the gathering storm

Oh no no, take me from my misery
There's no such, thing as living comfortably
There's no such, thing as going home
I'm not formed of myself alone
All the others, they just fade to black.
"Basically, I’m the only character in it,” he joked. “None of the other characters exist. I do talk about them, though. And occasionally you’ll see a [thought] bubble, and there’ll be pictures of Michael Fassbender and different characters. But the entire thing is one-shot singing, of course. Don’t tell anybody that, though. It’s really a secret."

Hugh Jackman on X-Men: Days of Future Past (via fassbendertheginger)


Hugh Jackman as Drover in Australia (2008)



Favorite Hugh Jackman Photoshoots (not in any particular order) #2