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Thane’s goodbye email in ME3 when you romance him and he dies just killed me.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.I have loved this man for half my life.

I have loved this man for half my life.

aaaahhhh just booked tickets to go see Richard Armitage as John Proctor in the Crucible! One of my favourite plays and favourite actors. 
Will also be meeting David Wenham two days after…I’m definitely going to throw up on someone.

Also I have tickets to meet David Wenham and I am so excited I’m gonna be crying till it happens….and when it happens…and forever after it happens

Shameless hair selfie

Shameless hair selfie

"Then it is forfeit."

Content of this weeks film lecture: the importance of a good arse

I swear I had a drunken conversation in a club about how I would totally get it in on with Garrus Vakarian & the other guy totally saw my point but said he was a Tali guy

the security guard at work today was really quite hot

and we exchanged a few winks

it was great

I accidentally bumped into Liev Schreiber & his family today while walking around NYC! I didn’t scream at him so I’m pretty proud of myself!


Guy Pearce photographed by Robert Ascroft


Guy Pearce photographed by Robert Ascroft

okay so i was waiting up, just to check how much i got paid, 
but i’ve been over paid by like 100 quid?!?!

idk but Guy Pearce was really attractive in Iron Man 3